Basil Essential oil

  • Botanical name: Ocimum Canum
  • Plant part: Leaves
  • Status: 100% pure essential oil


Basil oil is a versatile essential oil and offers a multitude of benefits. Clear in colour and thin in consistency, Basil Oil is characterised by its sweet, liquorice-like aroma. It is effective in skincare and personal care applications as well as in massages, perfumes, diffusers and other external-use applications. It is often used in combination with other essential oils. However, when mixed, the aroma can tend to overpower if it is used too much in the blend.

Uses of Basil Essential Oil:

Basil Essential Oil offers amazing benefits for the skin and hair. It is effective in cosmetic applications such as imparting shine and lustre to dry and lifeless skin and hair. A few drops of the oil can be added to any shampoo to deeply cleanse and remove excess oil buildup from the hair. It is widely used in skin care products since it has the ability to help enhance the skin tone. The skin perfecting properties of the oil imparts a natural-looking glow to your face.

The appealing fragrance and versatility make Basil Essential Oil a popular product. Basil Essential Oil is also used in massage blends, perfumes, diffusers and various other applications. In combination with other essential oils, it can be used for full-body massage. It can be used in diffusers to eliminate odour from your home. It can also be utilised to add a fresh fragrance to your car and appliances. Furthermore, the oil can also be used as an insect repellent and to prepare a homemade bug lotion. A few drops of the oil can be added to homemade laundry soaps to increase the soap’s effectiveness.


Do not use basil essential oils when pregnant or nursing and on children below the age of 16. The oil should not be taken internally. Contact with eyes and other sensitive areas of the body should be avoided. Use with care on sensitive skin and stop using if you notice any reaction.