Bentonite Clay

Description: Bentonite is a natural clay that typically derives from volcanic ash. It consists mainly of silica (58-61%), aluminum (21-22%) and various other minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium, ferric oxide, and potassium. It is widely used as texturizer, filler, thickener, and pigment binder. Off-white to tan powder, odorless. pH 9.5-10.5. Swelling power 24+ ml. Insoluble in water.


CAS: 1302-78-9


INCI Name: Bentonite


  • Used as thickener, absorbent, filler, texturizer and binder in various skin and hair care products and color cosmetics
  • Has thickening and suspending properties (e.g suspends pigments) and effectively thickens and stabilizes emulsions
  • Acts synergistically with common thickeners like xanthan gum and HE cellulose


Use: Add to water phase of formulas to let the bentonite swell. Typical use level 1-50%. For external use only.


Applications: Creams, lotions, facial cleansers, hair care (anti-flaking shampoos, conditioners & styling products), body powders, deodorants sticks, depilatories, make-up, shaving creams.


Country of Origin: USA


Raw material source: Volcanic ash


Manufacture: Betonite is extracted from volcanic ash and then crushed, milled to powder, dried and, if necessary, activated with the addition of soda ash.


Animal Testing: Not animal tested


GMO: GMO-free (does not contain plant-derived components)


Vegan: Does not contains animal-derived components