KAROSI TEA 250gm teas -XLarge bag of tea -5 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 4 - GREAT BUY!!!
KAROSI TEA 250gm teas -XLarge bag of tea -5 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 4 - GREAT BUY!!!
KAROSI TEA 250gm teas -XLarge bag of tea -5 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 4 - GREAT BUY!!!

KAROSI TEA 250gm teas -XLarge bag of tea -5 BAGS FOR THE PRICE OF 4 - GREAT BUY!!!

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Natural great tasting  blend - KAROSi tea - single bag 250g

Receive 5 lots of 50gm bags for the price of 4 - GREAT BUY

Product: Herbal tea in vacuum sealed bag.

Weight: 250gms

The herbs within the tea have traditionally been used to enhance libido, increase circulation, improve performance, improve sexual function, improve sex drive and also wake up your love making


Muira Puama- traditionally used for the prevention sexual disorders and to increase sexual interest as an aphrodisiac for those with a low sex drive.


Siberian Ginseng-traditionally used to enhance sexual desire. For centuries the root of the ginseng plant has been revered for its rejuvenation powers that are said to enhance vitality and sex drive in both men and women.


Ginkgo-traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunction and lowered libido. In men it has also been used to treat impotence increasing the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation


Hibiscus-Traditionally used to stimulate sexuality and passion. Flower Power!

Damiana- Traditionally used to increase stamina, improve orgasm frequency and overall sexual satisfaction.

Horny Goat Weed-Traditionally used to improve sexual function and sexual performance issues.

Lemongrass- a hint of citrus to uplift the mood.


Organic Apple bits-eating the forbidden apple can improve our sex life-it works as an aphrodisiac!


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please note: it is advised that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or a
child under 18 you do not drink the tea. Please be aware that there are drug
herb interactions that may apply if you are; drinking alcohol, are a
diabetic on anti diabetic medications, taking antidepressents /anti
psychotics or heart medication including blood pressure medications,
anti-coagulants and antiplatelet drugs, or any medications that may affect
the liver including pain killers like tylenol. Please consult a health care
practitioner if you are on medications before ingesting the tea.